Group space material for classroom or early childhood education (pdf)



The Group Space as a Visual Learning Environment!

With this material, you can create a cozy space for kids to learn, and for yourself to work!

The classroom material package includes all of these beautifully toned items with fantastic illustrations:

  • Months (x2, one with images, the other without images)
  • Days of the week
  • Times
  • Dates for the month (number cards 1-31)
  • Illustrated seasons
  • Illustrated weather conditions
  • Our class mood – illustrated
  • Birthday tiles
  • Good Manners – diamond game for the classroom wall

The entire package is pre-designed for you, so all you need to do is print, laminate, and if desired, cut to shape. All images are the same size, allowing you to create a neat and calm appearance that is easy to explore and interpret from the wall.

You can download the product immediately after purchase.

If you purchase the product for personal use, the usage rights are yours (within your group and at home). If the product is purchased for a company, it can be used in one group. If the product is desired for use in other groups within the unit, please purchase as many copies of the product as there are groups.

Sharing the product contrary to these terms is prohibited.

The file can be downloaded 3 times within 7 days from the moment of purchase, after which downloading is not possible.

No exchanges or refunds.

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